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At age 5, Leah was encouraged and motivated by her grandmother to make use of a camera. Her first camera, a Kodak 110, got used and abused through hundreds of rolls of film. Leah began by capturing her family and farm animals on film, and continued taking joy in photography through high school. An inspirational workshop taught by Nancy Jane Reid of Newport, OR, helped Leah learn to look for and understand the interesting elements of a good photograph, and inspired her to experiment further. The opportunity to really put it into practice came about when Leah became the cheif photographer for the Toledo High School Yearbook and newspaper during her senior year (advancing to a Cannon AE-1). She then convinced some friends to allow her to take their senior portraits, adding to her portfolio and increasing her experience level. College was next, and Leah pursued her degree in natural resources communications -- never ceasing to take photographs, but doing so in a "watered-down" manner.

Upon graduating from college, she received the gift of a new digital camera (Sony DSC-F717) and was able to continue learning through the instant gratification that digital technology offers. Her first outing with the camera included some shots that solidified her love-affair with the camera (see landscape photography portfolio). With a few opportunities to get photo credit in her magazine, Leah continues to take her camera with her almost everywhere, and has started to accumulate a vast enough group of photos that she has been enouraged to put into this portfolio.

All photos featured here are available for purchase, and photographer services are offered depending on availability.

Please contact Leah with any inquiries.

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